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We journey to a Neon Kingdom.


Taking our audience to an electric city filled with ultra violet bright lights and sexy pulsating beats.


Our sexy futuristic promo girls are on the media wall in sexy, custom light up costumes this week to have photos with our guests for social media. They then take to the VIP floor to hand out glow sticks to our patrons so they can be part of the neon army.


This futuristic Kingdom is ruled by the Neon Queen – who sits on her lit-up custom made elevated throne on a mezzanine level as guests pass through guarded by three metre tall LED robots with laser beams shooting out of their fingers.


This week sees UV happy tubing installed thoughout the venue to create the neon city.


We capture the thrilling and provocative world of this fast 









the thrilling and provocative world of this fast paced world with an army of dancer models with bespoke led light up couture costumes.


We have black lights installed throughout the venue and laser fingers given to guests on the dance floor to create a sea of lights.


We have a giant moon installed hanging over the dance floor that our stunning aerialist is hanging from entertaining guests while they dance the night away.


The first show is the Neon Goddess show, with set design made up of scaffolding and happy tubing, our giant LED robots and light up dancers take to the main stage in an epic production with CO2 cannons, Co2 guns and UV confetti cannons that cover the audience.


Soon after Neonpatra has her UV milk bath in this one off installation - as she enters the clawed bath UV paint is poured over her by her neon slaves in a sexy show that is always the talk of the night.


Through out the night we have the ‘Fluro Sand Storm’ when the beat drops C0s cannons explode over the crowd with Fluro confetti.


We head upstairs to the revolving stage and our “Up, Up and Away” show happens, our sexy neon air hostesses take you on a journey far beyond your wildest dreams.


The final production show is the headline DJ entrance titled the “Latex Babes” Show – the 8 dancer models  are in high fashion latex costumes performing an intricate choreographed show  - the aerialist is lifted up to the lera where she performs at the peak of the show as all the lazers and cannons go off over the crowd.



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