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Dirty Pretty Secrets is an exciting, avant-garde insight into the world of BDSM.
Living out your deepest fantasies, pushing boundaries and sexual limits we want to take the guests on a provocative journey with the enticing world of Dirty Pretty Secrets at Family with live instillations, shows, video content, lighting and bespoke costumes.
Taking inspiration from the crazy horse in Paris to the dark underground S&M clubs in New York, we celebrate everything from the Moulin Rouge Showgirl to the S&M femme fatale from the red light district of Paris.

Revel in the mysteries of unknown desire while









dancing on the dancefloor at Family and be witness to things you have never seen before.
Elements of Burlesque, Cirque, bondage and S&M will take the entertainment to new heights and leave our guests always wanting more.
As guests enter they can have thier photo taken on the Family Media Wall with our set bondage minstress promo girls, reserve a booth with exclusive bottle service with your own sexy waiteresses. As guests turn the corner a stunning dancer model is sitting on top of a giant silver sparkling stiletto high heel with a giant red feather fan.
Our cage girls are performing for your pleasure throughout the night in the VIP lounge as you order a dirty martini.
As you travel down to the dance floor and look up you will see a stunning bondage babe hanging from a large chandelier. 
Huge production shows featuring original video screen content, set design, bespoke costumes and 8 dancer/models happens on the main stage. This week we have the 'Diamonds and Pearls' show with feather fans, hand made crystal costomes and a specialty lera aerial act. 
We also have specifically designed lighting, set design and confetti cannons with C02 blasts over the audience to cool things down when they get too hot.
As you look up in the VIP top level an S&M bondage scene takes place, one girl is tying up another and whipping her. As guests head right upstairs to the top floor 5 girls in gas masks and umbrellas perform an installation show for guests.
To intro the headline DJ we have the Crazy Girls Show - performed on the runway above the DJ inspired by the sexy shows of Paris - this is a hard hitting, fast, intrictae choreographed show that always has the crowd screaming for more.


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