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Welcome to Bubblegum Pop


This is an exciting look into the world of Pop Art.


Pop art has been inspiring some of the best photographers and artists since the late 1960s, and we want our family guests to experience it for themselves first hand on the Saturday night entertainment program.


Being able to fuse art and performance together as we draw inspiration from artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith haring, Roy Lichtenstein to todays biggest influential artists David Lachapelle.


Our guests enter the venue to have their photo on the media wall with our stunning Chupa Chup Girls. They are dressed in fun colorful bold imoji costumes with fun Harajuku inspired wigs and custom makeup utilizing the word POP.  Our girls then hand out Chupa Chup lollypops to guests to keep things sweet!



As guests enter the VIP we have 3 large custom rubix cubes sitting in an installation with a model on top dressed as our “Rubix Cube girl” In a bespoke sequin costume with larger than life pink hair with cherries on top!


As the clock strikes midnight our stunning aerial artist is lifted up by large balloons, she performs over the crowd.


Our first production show is ‘Shape Shifters’. Our 8 Dancer models perform on the main stage in a high energy, fun show. Each girl is an oversized shape and color who lives in the retrospective world. We used our custom made video content to create different colored rooms for our shape shifters!


Head up stairs to the top level where you will see the Family Soup Girls show – inspired by the famous Andy Warhol prints our girls perform in embellished branded costumes and shoot silly string over the crowd!


Back down to the main dance floor a balloon drop happens over the crowd with large colored confetti.


“Crazy Couture” is our second production show with pink sequin and black and white stripe faceless dancers on the scaffold performing a choreographed exciting routine. Our lead performer enters the stage and is lifted to her swing with a giant 20 meter Keith Haring inspired dress is pulled out.


During the show it drops and C02 cannons and streamers are blasted over the crowd.  This is the entry into the headline DJ for the evening.


To finish off the entertainment we have our paper dolls. This is performed on the revolve stage – one side has our pink pin up girl in her boudoir putting on her make up and keeping our guests wanting more, the blue pin up paper doll girl is in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes, this show is very kitsch and fun – valley of the dolls meets stepford wives!  


Our visuals throughout the night are all pop art inspired with original content fused together with original Keith Haring cartoons leaves our guests seeing new and exciting things they have never seen before!




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