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Marte Trece saw us take guests to a Mexican Day Of The Dead themed event at Slipp Inn/ El Loco on Friday The 13.


To start the entertainment of with a bang we had a pop up Mariaci band appear out of no where, play all the mexican hits - then dissapear.


Our venue staff had sugar skull painted faces and the ladies had bespoke floral day of the dead headbands wich really set the mood for this event.


Dancing Skeletons appeared in a blacked out area of the venue and performed to the mexican classic " Tequila" which was a real crowd favourite.


A stunning Pinyata girl performed to the famous  








" Mexican Hat' song, in a bespoke red mexican latin dress and a custom sugar skull face paint design incorperating the Veuve Clicquot logo. Dancing onto the stage to reveal a custom made Veuve bottle shaped Pinyata, she grabs an unknown audience member, blindfolded him then he smashed open the pinyata to finish the show.


A tango couple sat at opposite ends of the venue and flirted with each other ovet the course of the evening, the tango music blasts over the sound system. They make thier way to the stage through the crowd and perform a passionate tango.


Our hero waiter was back with his aisstant this week giving away champagne and greeting guests wearing a giant sombrero! 



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