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Creative Director Fernando Barraza engaged Wil Sabin Entertainment to create and develop the choreography for the Scenic Luxury Tour Awards 2020.


The event was held at the Ivy Grand Ballroom to over 1000 guests and the venue was transformed into an oceanic themed paradise.


We were presented the brief for the entertainment from Fernando and his team at Alive Events and choreographed three production shows taking the guest on a journey of exploration.

We worked with Australia's leading talent agency Jeep Management and had an in house casting to find versatile, and incredible dancers.  

The first show was a 1950s themed show with one of Australia's leading female vocalists Michelle Martine and her live band Bermuda Social. Starting the night off with a bang with the number one Beyonce smash hit "Crazy in love ' done in a great Gatsby swing style, she performed with back up singer/dancers giving an essence of "The Supremes" in bold yellow dresses. It was a huge hit with the audience.

Our second show developed the idea of exploration, to celebrate the launch of the new Antarctic itinerary for the Scenic Eclipse. Fernando created a narrative of an explorer couple, travelling on an unexplored journey integrating water and mystical sea creatures. Starting in the Antarctic with stunning visual content on large video screens. With original contemporary movement they couple come across an acrobatic adagio couple which was a breath taking moment in the night and an absolute highlight of the show. The performance continues and the explorers find a new underwater world with mystical sea creatures, the show finishes with a stellar performance of Australian Flume hit " Im only Human". Renowned contemporary choreographer Alex Miedzinski assisted us on this incredible production show.

We finished off the nights entertainment with an Italian themed show "Mambo Italiano"  - as the 2021 Mediterranean season approaches on the luxury ship Eclipse. We set the scene with boys playing cards on crates, tables and chairs in the back streets of Italy, beautiful girls with fans drinking wine in the hot summer heat. The guys start to fight over the girls and we create a three way tango! We take it up a level and finish the latin hit "Lets Get loud" by Jennifer Lopez - the crowd clapped along and was a fabulous end to the nights entertainment. 

All styling and costumes were created by Fernando Barraza and the Hair and make up team was lead by award winning make up artist Pablo Morgade.

The creative team received an incredible response from the client regarding the nights entertainment - 

On behalf of the Scenic Group management team, thanks to the Alive team for making our Night of Stars 2020 event such a success.

We have received great reviews from our guests, agents & media.


Also a special thanks to Fernando and his creative team– they did a great job with the choreography, costumes and the entertainment was very professional, original and engaging.


There was a huge amount of content and the night flowed well - with so many moving parts!

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