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Wil Sabin Entertainment was employed by The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne to create unique, original entertainment for the 2016 Summer members party as part of the Andy Warhol / Ai Wei Wei exhibit program.


We cast talent, created bespoke original costumes and high fashion art inspired looks, choreography and direction for the installation and performances. Worked with a producer on editing an original edited audio mix for the pop up show and did creative direction on the entertainment for the event.


As the client wanted a special moment for the guests arrival we worked with award winning body paint specialist Gina Nomachi and her team on creating 









a live pop art installation along with costume designer to the stars Hayley Burton to create bespoke pop art costumes.


We wanted the talent to look out of this world and create a moment to instantly transport guests to the world of all things pop art.


The talent interacted with guests on arrival and it was also a perfect moment for guests to have their photo with the girls for social media.


Following this the girls were transformed into Andy Warhol “Campbell’s Soup” girls. We created a moment where the girls were living art in front of the multi million dollar Campbells soup Andy Warhol Prints for the client and guests to take photos of.


The trio then performed for the 1000 guests in a kitsch, fun, memorable pop up performance in the function room then posed for photos with guests after creating more memorable social media moments for the guests.


To finish the night the trio roved the exhibit and finished in the balloon installation for guests to take photos of at the end of the night.




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