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Wil Sabin Entertainment was hired by AZB Creative for the Merivale Group to create bespoke entertainment for the spectacular Launch of 'March Into Merivale Festival.'


The launch took place across 4 of Merivale's iconic venues - The Ivy Pool, Palings ( The Ivy ) , The Lane way and the Ivy Ballroom.


Creating special moments across all venues that gave our guests a taste of what was to come at the upcoming 50 events taking place in the month of March.


As guests entered the laneway they were greeted at the media wall with a model in a fun watermelon costume and another dressed as a giant cupcake!















They were then introduced to our ringmaster on stilts showing guests which food stalls to go to and where the hot spots were.


As guests entered the venue our 'Banana Girl' was sitting in a giant banana in a fierce dazzling costume blowing kisses and having photos with guests. 


Lola Lovina and her gypsy band was roving the laneway with her 6 peice band including accordians, drums and trumpets creating an exciting energy.


As the sun went down and our guests were arriving into the Ivy Pool we had talentedand beautiful vocalist Jessica Stokes dressed in Alex Perry performing a sexy accoustic set singing songs from Sade, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse.


We had bright coloured stilt walkers playing horns in the ballroom for our thousands of guests passing through and as a special surprise we had a bungee jumper in Palings bounce down into the middle of the courtyard above the guests heads as Lovina and her Gypsy Band took to the main stage.


The night wouldnt be complete without our 'Pool Girls'  - we had 3 stunning models sip cocktails on cute mushroom stools in the Ivy Pool which caused quite a commotion with all of our gentleman clientel!


An evening jam packed full of music, dancing, singing and circus performers complemented this incredible food festical launch


Photography - Jack Bennett

Make Up - Illamasqua

Hair - Hair Cartel

Additional Costume by Pacha Sydney

AZB Creative 


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