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We were contracted to create the "Maxims Dolls" an all singing and dancing female resident show to open the Resorts World Casino.

The girls would perform three 15 minute shows six nights a week in the Maxims Lounge.

The Resorts World Casino was the very first casino to ever open in Singapore so we were so honered to launch the very first Casino show in Singapore, Asia.

We cast talent from Hong Hong, Australia and Singapore and rehearsed the shows for one month in Singapore before the huge launch.

The show performed a 3 month season and in that time performed at various corperate events within the RWS venues.

We used modern songs by Rihanna and had them re recorded in Mandarin, some of the biggest hits from Britney Spears, Fergie and Whitney Houston. We mixed in K-POP number one hits with traditional burlesque favourites like "Fever" and "Crazy little thing called love"

We looked after all costuming for the shows, we deisgned and created bespoke peices for every routine and performer. These were made both locally in Australia and with a team in Singapore.

We worked with the Singapore based company La Finka on the video screen visuals to compliment the performances and The Squared Division on the audio soundtracks - creating original content and pre recording all backing vocals. We also plotted all the lights for the shows.

The shows were packed every night and it was a huge success both for the Casino and for Wil Sabin Entertainment. 

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