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Through the looking glass saw us take guests on a journey to the magical land inspired by the C.J Lewis novel: Alice In Wonderland.


Our hero waiter on stilts who appears across all the events greeted guests and gave out complimentary champagne with his cute white rabbit waiter assistant.


Throughout the night we had installtions and shows in various locations of the venue to create pop up surprises for our guests.


We had 2 fierce Harajuku Bunnies pop up onto the bar with the burst of confetti cannons to start the entertainment.







A stunning Veuve Queen of hearts roving the venue posing for photos with guests with her bespoke Veuve scepter. A tap dancing mad hatter bought the hosue down with his fast moving tap routine in the middle of the venue.


Finally a ballerina flamingo wowed guests with her stellar point routine dancing with finess while our crazy hula hoop girls span us into a frenzy appearing continuously popping up in different areas of the venue! 

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