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Wil Sabin Entertainment was contracted by AZB CREATIVE to create a bespoke headline performance for the 2021 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.


The event was held for the very first time away from Oxford Street at the Iconic stadium " The SCG" to over 45,000 spectators and televised live by network SBS to over 1 Million Viewers. 


We sourced and booked all talent for this event which included professional dancers, social media influencers, Legendary Drag Queens, muscle men and Australian Pop Star Jack Vidgen.


This event was during the COVID19 Pandemic so logistically had a-lot of challenges from rehearsals


through to the performance, making sure everything was Covid Safe and to government regulations. 

The company tagline for the 2021 Mardi Gras Parade was " Comfy in your own Skin" We worked with the client Koala on creating an iconic moment, where in the middle of the performance all the cast strips off and creates a beautiful vignette around pop star Jack Vidgen embodying being comfy in your own skin.

Alex Zabotto-Bentley created an "out of this world" creative bringing all the elements of Mardi Gras and the clients vision for the Koala brand.

We cast the entire performance cast using Australia's leading casting networks and our WSE database - including Social Media influencers, Iconic Drag Queens, sexy muscle men, dancing metallic bespoke koalas, Australia's leading dancers and Australian Pop Star Jack Vidgen.


Wil worked worked with Jack Vidgen on creating a soundtrack for the performance with Edward Said from Kings Cross Music. We created an original backing track for "Free" by Ultra Nate and used Jack for all backing vocals to enhance the live performance.


Wil Sabin choreographed and directed the performance, which was quite a task as the performance had to continue moving forward for the entire duration - no part of the performance could be static because of Covid.  We had 20 meters to move during the performance!


Wil was assisted by Matthew Gode in all choreography on this exciting show which he bought his fabulous artistic flare to the piece. 

Ashley Swift created four unique couture costumes for the iconic drag queens, which were featured on the channel 7 news! All the additional styling was done by super stylist to the stars Jane Frosh. 


We created original choreography which was made into a viral Tik Tok campaign for Koala - where anyone from around the globe could learn the steps the performers were doing in the parade on Tik Tok and film them selves being comfy in their own skin!

Wil filmed the tutorial videos from the Koala Showroom and created original content for the Koala Social Media Platforms.

We worked with the AZB team on creating a preview performance of the show for all Australian media. Several newspapers and press were invited to watch the final dress rehearsal and interview talent from the performance about all things Mardi Gras and Pride! 


The performance was televised live on SBS to over 1 Million viewers and had incredible feedback from critics around the globe!

Happy Mardi Gras 2021!!

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