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Wil Sabin Entertainment was contracted by Dynamite Studios Australia in the Gold coast to create a bespoke short film to promote the extensive elite programs in

thier high school and full time academy courses.

The breif was to create a treatment for a short film with the message of Freedom, Diversity and Unity.

Showcasing the diverse talent that Dynamite Studios creates and produces and to explore the idea of "Together we are different"

We created a colour board with an overall treatment for the film, inspiration and a clear direction for the short film - using the soundtrack "Freedom" by Beyonce.






Wil worked with Abbe Bradbury and the Dynamite team on casting a diverse selection of genres, ethnicity and uniqueness. We workshopped choreography with the talent and created a storyline from this process. He was assisted by Joel Murphy with this process.

We designed a large set piece and worked with set and prop builder Tim Bradbury to custom build a stage so the dancers can still perform outdoors to showcase the vast Queensland landscape.  We then storyboarded the entire film frame for frame and started to rehearse with Director of Photography Frace Mercado ( Fluke Media ).

We created individual costume designs for every cast member and created customised pieces with Sue Godsall. We designed bespoke hair and make up charts for all cast which was executed by Joel Murphy, Melody Paes and Chloe Guse.

Sabin directed the film to make sure all the angles and movement were captured , we used several cameras on the day and utilised drone cameras to capture the incredible Birds Eye View moments.

Mercado edited the film together and we worked on the post edits with his company in creating a fast paced, eclectic look at dance. The project was produced by Erin O'Flaherty.

The film was previewed on the gala evening at The Australian Dance Festival in Homebush, Sydney. 

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