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Aqua saw us take our guests on a journey to a beautiful water themed event.


We created surprise moments throughout the night overlooking the beautiful pool at one of Sydney's iconic venues - The Ivy Pool.


Stunning mermaids were carried out by three buff lifesavers and placed in custom decaled bathtubs blowing bubbles on guests and shooting them with silly string if they got too close.


2 beautiful dancer models performing an installation show to the Bjork classic song - Its oh so quiet. Popping balloons filled with glitter.


Breathtaking vocalist Natalie Conway singing the Sia 







hit 'Chandelier' while suddenly "guests" who were standing suddenly rip off wigs and dresses and dive into the pool and become syncronised swimmers and perform as Natalie sings.


Our hero stilt waiter was a huge hit again with guests as he roved the venue giving out free champagne with his waiter assistant this week dressed with scuba accesories.


Finally our mermaids perform in a nautical show on cute mushroom stools to "Love Shack" - a kitch and perfect way to finish the nights entertainment program


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